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Discover the Villard Medical expertise

Quality Requirement

Villard Medical has based its values on the quality requirement: the sustainability of our products is the first step towards of cost savings! It's by designing top quality equipments, outclassing usual industry standards, that Villard Medical guarantees the long-term durability of our products.

Quality controlled & certified

Since 2008, Villard Medical implements its Quality Management System, endorsed by the ISO 9001-2015 Certification, for all of the company's departments: design, production and marketing.

We develop for our customers a reliable and efficient equipments recognised by all health care facilities in France and worldwide. Each product is examined to guarantee its quality and reliability beyond reproach.

Sustainable & responsible production

The respect of environment is of height importance for us. Our products are made of 100% recycled materials. We sort our waste and we print our catalogues on PEFC paper that respects the environment and participates in the sustainable management of forests.

From the eco-design of our products to the resources preservation, Villard Medical is a responsible producer that every day strives to reduce its ecological footprint. Our key application domains are:

Designing eco-friendly products
Preserving resources
Reducing our ecological footprint
Recycling our production's waste & our end-of-life products

Villard Medical "Indice Vert A++" award winner

As part of its sustainable development and responsible approach, the French central purchasing CAHPP evaluates each year (via contract and based on evidence) the Sustainable Development Strategy from his suppliers with the "Indice Vert" label.

AFAQ Certified organization, CAHPP awarded Villard Medical with the best rating (97,8/100) among 315 suppliers evaluated for its degree of commitment and continuous improvement regarding on CSR and responsible production.

More than Made in France,
Select Made in Villard

Villard Medical garantees its
products are 100% Made in France,
in our new 7,000 m² factory based
in Neuville/Sarthe near Le Mans.

Certified ISO 9001 company
 since 2008, Villard Medical ensures quality control for all departments : Design, Production and Marketing.

All products manufactured in our factory are garanteed for 10 years against any manufacturing defect excluding electronic and wearing parts.

As part of our quality focus,
Villard Medical was awarded a rating
of 9/10 by health care facilities for
the quality of our customer support.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, each year Villard Medical participates in donating medical equipment to humanitarian organisations.

Villard solutions have been selected and approved for over 20 years by
the largest public and private purchasing groups.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, more than 80% of the components in our products are provided by French companies located within 300 km of our factory.

After-sales service is provided
directly by our factory
within a maximum period
of 48 hours.

Eolis®, a modular range Made in France


The Eolis® range is designed entirely from non-rusty materials to guarantee an optimal long-life without risk of corrosion or deterioration of the structure.


As a responsible producer, Eolis® trolleys and carts are fully manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials.

10 year warranty

All the products in the Eolis® range are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for 10 years (excluding electronic and wearing parts).


The Eolis® range allows the user to customize the interior trolley to meet the needs of each treatment unit.


All Eolis® equipment is fitted with Ø 125 mm wheels with stainless steel ball bearings as standard. Optional double-roller wheels are also available.

Easy to clean

Rounded design to facilitate cleaning, without corners or rough edges, Eolis® trolleys are suitable for use disinfectants recommended in healthcare.

Villard Medical support you

A dedicated and experienced team
to assist you with the technical and
marketing support you need.
Area Sales Managers to provide innovative turnkey solutions
for health care facilities and caregivers.
3D drawings completed
by our design department
to devise
your custom equipment/installation.
A detailed and comprehensive
price quotation
to keep
your budget under control.
The manufacturing and best delivery
of your future equipment
reflecting your logistics constraints.
An individual support through
your project management
, until to
the training to users and staff.