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About Villard Medical

Expert in mobile and modular development, Villard Medical is one of France's leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical equipment and furniture for health care facilities. Based in its new 7,000 m² production site in Neuville/Sarthe (north of Le Mans) since 2017, Villard Medical espouses reliable and sustainable "French manufacturing", without intermediaries.

For over 70 years, Villard Medical has continued to develop and adapt in order to reflect changes in hospitals and clinics as closely as possible, as well as to improve the working conditions of caregivers and adopt any new requirements in the field of prevention and hygiene in a healthcare setting. With the aid of its integrated design office and experienced technical teams, Villard Medical designs and manufactures scalable furniture with a modular layout and certified quality, as recognised by more than 10,000 health care facilities worldwide.

Key figures

Since 1947: over 70 years working alongside caregivers
A production site of 7,000 m² based to the north of Le Mans
28,000 trolleys and cabinets produced per year
250 tonnes of sheet steel
and 60,000 metres of tubing processed per year
5,000 commercial models available
It operates in more than 65 countries around the world

Since 1947: over 70 years working alongside caregivers

Villard was founded by Pierre Villard in Le Mans, in 1947. At the end of World War II, the founder responded to the significant need for wheeled metal equipment in hospitals: wheelchairs, strectchers, carts etc.

To keep up with growth and the space required for these bulky materials, the 3000 m² Coulaines factory was built in 1964. Four years later, he sold the company to Marcel Lossouarn, who consolidated his decisions and expanded the factory by 1000 m².

When Jacques Esnée bought the company after Mr. Lossouarn's death, he relied on Claude Ballet, a co-shareholder, to manage Villard. Once again, the company's values were respected: high-end positionning, a level of thoroughness compatible with hospital requirements in both design and manufacturing, quality manufacturing pf each piece of equipment, design related to each user's needs.

Alongside medical and surgical furnishings, tables, chairs, cabinets and storage furniture were addes to the catalogue. In addition to metal products, the company added trades such as lining and sewing for the manufacture of examination chairs and couches.

Between 2000 and 2005, we innovated by moving towards new materials with a high potential for modularity. We observed that the demand for metal furnishings started to decrease in the early 2000s. We now offer many modular furnishings, which are more aesthetically pleasing and use new materialsover a metal frame.

In 2008, Jacques Esnée sold his company to its Managing Director, Franck Esclapez. Since then, he manages Villard.  A doctor of Pharmacy, he has interested in the requirements of the hospital medication system. He joined Villard in 1994 and started in the sales department. He then replaced Claude Ballet as General Manager.

"What won me over when I first came into contact with Villard, in addition to its reputation, was this mind-set, this desire to produce hight quality furnishings for a demanding sector, with a lifespan compatible with budgetary constraints of healthcare establishments." Franck Esclapez recalls.

For these 70 years, in 2017, Villard is expanding once again with the construction a new 7,000 m² plant in Neuville/Sarthe, a Le Mans suburb.

The company then has new spaces and new means of production to continue to develop and strengthen its market share in France and abroad.

Franck Esclapez : "The new site illustrates this desire for performance whitout making any concessions in terms of quality: we are increasing our productivity while ensuring that our employees are provided with good working conditions, with plently of natural light, for example."

At the start of 2018, Villard acquired and integrated into its production site PH² International, the specialist in Hospital prevention and hygiene. Villard and PH² International are now releasing their know-how to design, manufacture and distribute a global range of furniture for healthcare establishments.

Villard Medical worldwide

Through the creation of the Export department in 2009, Villard Medical medical equipment and furniture are currently distributing in more than 65 countries from all 5 continents and participates in the improvement and development of sanitary structures in developing countries. In addition to the European Union and the Middle East, Villard Medical also has clients in Canada, Vietnam, Australia and Africa.

In most countries, medical equipment is bought through specialized network. Villard Medical also collaborates with several international NGO and regularly takes part to assistance operations to help disaster-stricken countries. Regular presence on the ground and at trade shows is essential, as is constant monitoring of tender procedures.

Partners of health care providers