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About Villard


Founded in 1947 in Le Mans - France, Villard is one of the leading companies in designing, manufacturing and selling hospital furniture. Every day we develop our medical furniture range with new material and new ergonomic design matching each specific hospital needs.

These long years of experience guarantee to our customers reliable and performing equipment referenced in most hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Rigorous and loyal to our quality criteria, we bring our knowhow and special care to the manufacturing of our products.

Today we produce and sell more than 2,500 references in 10,000 healthcare centers in France and abroad. All our products are made in the respect of professional use and for the welfare of the nursing stuff and of the patients.

The company’s history

Company Villard was created in Le Mans in 1947 by Pierre VILLARD. At the end of the World War II, the founder meets the needs of the hospitals in the furniture on wheels: wheelchairs, stretchers, trolleys etc…

In order to reply to the growth and to the need of extra space for this equipment, he had a factory of 3.000 m2 built in Coulaines, in the North of Le Mans in 1964.

Four years later, he assigns his company to Marcel LOUSSOUARN, who supports his choices and enlarges the factory with additional 1.000 m2. That is when numerous products such as tables, chairs, cabinets and storage furniture enrich the catalogue. In addition to the fully welded construction, the company integrates at that time all the professions and know-how which are necessary for the manufacturing of the products such as the padding or the seam for the making of the seats and the examination couches or the carpentry.

After the death of Marcel LOSSOUARN, Jacques ESNEE purchases the company and relies on Claude BALLET, his co-shareholder, to run and develop VILLARD.

In 2008, Jacque ESNEE assigns, in turn, to his General Manager, Franck ESCLAPEZ who since then has been the unique shareholder of the company VILLARD.

For its 70th anniversary, in 2017, the company expands again with the construction and integration of the factory of 6.000 m2, at Neuville-sur-Sarthe, less than 3 Km from the previous location. So now the company has new areas and new means to continue developing and to reinforce its market shares.


in France

VILLARD around the world

Thanks to the creation of its Export Department in 2009, VILLARD spreads all over the world and sells its products in more than 60 countries. We also work with many international NGO and regularly participate in supplying the equipment to assist the disaster-stricken countries.